2007 was the 30th anniversary of the letter to the music press about Eric Clapton’s racist support for Enoch Powell. That letter kicked off what was to become the massively successful Rock Against Racism campaign.

Several events and a gig were organised at the Hackney Empire in London as part of that anniversary. At the round table discussion it was decided to try to put together an RAR 1976-1982 archive website.

The now legendary RAR/ANL Carnival Against the Nazis with Xray Spex, Patrik Fitzgerald, Steel Pulse, The Clash and The Tom Robinson Band in Vikky Park east London was 30 years ago this year; 30th April 1978

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This year [2008] the RAR 30th anniversary Love Music Hate Racism Carnival at the same location has generated huge interest in RAR and its history and has lead to the setting up of this “RAR original crew 1976-82” website.

Accept no substitute, the RAR story, its archive, its history, and links will be here. Blogs, pods, your space, my space, the lot.

“Reggae Soul Rock’n’Roll Jazz Funk and Punk our Music !”
“Love Music Hate Racism” *RAR slogans 1976

Site Under Construction with a lot of Brass and Horns....